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The Consulate of Sweden in Arizona can help Swedish Citizens with:

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The Consulate of Sweden in Arizona can help non-Swedish Citizens with:

Our services are offered Tuesdays 10AM-3PM and at other times by appointment. Call the office at 602 364 7450 or email phoenix@consulateofsweden.org to set up an appointment.

We offer information regarding the following services

For your convenience you can contact our office to obtain information that can guide you in other consular matters in which we are not the main authority:

  • Information about emergency assistance for Swedish citizens
  • Information for Swedish citizens on how to apply for new passports and visas
  • Information for persons with both Swedish and American passports
  • Information about Swedish citizenship
  • Information about change of name
  • Information about Swedish residency
  • Information about voting
  • Information about translating


First time applications or renewals

For information regarding first time applications for passports and passport renewals please refer to the Passport Page on the Embassy's website at the following link Passport Application Procedures|SwedenAbroad or feel free to call our office during office hours. All passport applications require that you apply in person at one of the designated locations with no exceptions.


Emergency Passports

To apply for an Emergency Passport in Arizona please bring the following documents with you to your appointment:

  • Old passport
  • Proof of legal US residence status (ie: green card)
  • Valid photo ID (ie: driver's license)
  • If your passport has been expired more than 6 months, you need a current copy of your personbevis. You must get this from Skatteverket in Sweden. Please contact them either online at www.skatteverket.se or by phone 011 46 8 564851 60
  • Two passport photos (you can get these at any Walgreens or CVS)
  • Passport fee of $190 (this must be paid in either cash with correct change or moneyorder/certified bank check)
  • Travel itinerary including arrival and departure dates and locations

We then send the application to the Consulate in San Francisco which issues the Emergency Passport. You can pick it up in San Francisco or have it sent to the Phoenix Consulate (or any other Swedish Consulate.)

If the applicant is a minor:

  • Written consent of both legal guardians.
  • If legal custody has been granted to one parent or to another person, legal proof of guardianship must be submitted with the application.

Multiple Passports

Persons who are citizens of both Sweden and the United States should carry both passports when traveling between the two countries. The United States Department of State requires that all US citizens, including those who have dual citizenship, must be in possession of a valid US passport when leaving or entering the US.


Swedish citizens are expected to declare their nationality and to present a valid Swedish passport upon arrival in Sweden and/or the European Union.


Renewal of Swedish Driver's License

Your Swedish driver's license must be renewed every ten years. You must also replace your driver's license if it has been damaged, lost, or if personal information on it has changed. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to renew your Swedish Drivers License in Arizona. As of May 1 2017, holders of Swedish driver’s licenses will not be able to renewtheir license if they do not permanently reside in Sweden. More information on the change can be found HERE.

Retention of Swedish Citizenship

Must be filed between ages of 20-21 for those who are born or living abroad. You may call or email us for more information.

Swedish Migration Agency Website: https://www.migrationsverket.se/Privatpersoner/Bli-svensk-medborgare/Forlora-eller-aterfa-medborgarskap/Forlora-eller-behalla-svenskt-medborgarskap.html

Form: https://www.migrationsverket.se/download/18.5e83388f141c129ba6312eb2/1485556228183/mbl_302021_sv.pdf


Application for Coordination Number and Registration of Name

Child applicants who were born abroad and have never before had a Swedish passport must first be added to the Swedish population register by applying for a coordination number.

The application is free of charge and must be filed in person at all Swedish consulates in the US and at the Embassy in Washington. The child must be accompanied by at least one legal guardian.

The following documents are required:

  • Name registration form (SKV 7750) signed by both legal guardians and by the applicant, if she or he is 12 or older.

If legal custody has been granted to one parent or to another person, legal proof of guardianship must be submitted with the application.

  • Child's original birth certificate, issued by the state's Vital Records Office and clearly stating the names of both parents, or notarized copy thereof.
  • Passports (or other valid photo ID with clearly visible signature) of both legal guardians, or notarized copy thereof.
  • Original documentation proving legal U.S. resident status (valid visa or green card) or U.S. citizenship (naturalization certificate) of Swedish legal guardian(s), or notarized copy of same.

If the legal guardian(s) gained U.S. citizenship before July 1, 2001, documentation from the Swedish Migration Board must be provided to certify that he and/or she has regained Swedish citizenship.

  • Copy of legal guardians' marriage certificate, if married.

Once the coordination number has been obtained and the child has been added to the population register, the child applicant can proceed with a passport application.




Residence Permit Based on Family or Personal Connection

This applies to individuals who are married, cohabiting, or intend to marry or cohabit with someone who is a Swedish citizen or permanent Swedish resident. It also applies to unmarried children under 18. Please note once your application has been submitted to the Consulate you are not allowed to enter Sweden until a decision has been made.

Please go to the following link for detailed information regarding the required documents for a Swedish residence permit application. Residence and Work Permits|SwedenAbroad


Visa Information

Unfortunately we are no longer able to process visas or conduct interviews in Phoenix.


Information about visa applications to visit or reside in Sweden is located on the website of the Embassy of Sweden, Washington, D.C.:  



If you require a visa, you must apply through:   




Contact informaion for the General Consulate in San Francisco can be found here:


505 Sansome Street, Suite 1010
San Francisco

+1 415 788-2631






If you have questions about American visas, green cards and citizenship, please contact:

American Embassy in Stockholm at +46 8 783 53 00.

U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services at 1-800-375-5283.

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